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Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

Alat-Alat Input

Hardware Input (Input)
Input device or input devices to function as a tool to enter (input) data and programs into the computer for processing into keluaran.Adapun information or other types of input tools such as: keyboard, mouse, scanner (scanner), joystick, touch screen (touch screen), microfon (mic), digital camera, Touchpad.

a) Keyboard

Keyboard or keyboard, is a device that is often used in everyday activities. Characteristics and composition of the keyboard is almost the same as the manual typewriter like QWERTY arrangement of letters but there are some additions to other functions such as Esc, F1, ..., F12, Enter / Return, Ctrl, Alt, Del / Delete and Insert.
There are four sections on the typing keyboard keys, function keys, cursor keys, and a numerical key (keypad). Typing function key to type in text or letters like a manual typewriter. Funtion key is that the function keys have specific functions in accordance with the commands are executed. Function keys marked F1, F2 to F12. Cursor keys are used to move the cursor. Numerical key or keypad is also dissebut number keys are composition and function like the keys on a calculator, usually called the calculator.
Some important keys on the keyboard are:
Enter to execute the command, typing end and move to the next line.
ESC button to cancel the order.
Backspace key to delete characters / letters to the left of the cursor.
Del / Delete key to delete characters / letters at the cursor position.
Ins / Insert button to insert characters / letters.
Ctrl and Alt keys when pressed in combination with other keys will have a specific function.
Shift used with other keys to type symbol characters that exist in the Keys and to generate capital letters.
CapsLock mode button for capital letters.
Tab key to move the cursor to mark the tabs (tablature).
PageUp and PageDown keys to scroll up and down a screen.
Home button to steer the cursor towards the beginning of the line.
End keys to steer the cursor towards the end of the line

  b) Mouse

Mouse is a tool used to drive penunujuk (pointer or cursor) quickly. Use the mouse is an important part of the Operating System that uses a graph display. At work, the use of the mouse is often used with the term Pointer (Pointer) function to move and direct the mouse pointer on the desktop (workspace) operating system. If the mouse position is shifted, automatic pointer (pointer) that is ditampilan screen will shift according to the mouse movement.
Mouse consists of several types such as:
Dual button, the mouse that consist of two buttons are the right and the left.
Three button, which consists of three mouse buttons are center-right and the left.
Scroll Button, which consists of the two mouse buttons plus a scroll function to scroll quickly.
In most mouse there are three buttons, but generally only two buttons that function, ie the most left and the far right. Effect of keystrokes or known by the term "Click" is dependent on the object (area) that we appoint. The computer will ignore button presses (click) when not on the area or object that is not important.
Based on how the work to move the cursor, there are four different types of mouse are:
Mechanical (Wheel) mouse, the mouse can move in any direction by moving a small ball in the mouse.
Optical mouse, the mouse using optical sensors.
Laser mouse, the mouse with laser technology.
Wireless mouse, the mouse wirelessly. This mouse uses infrared, radio waves or Bluetooth to medeteksi mouse movement.

c) Scanner

Scanner is a computer peripheral that allows you to scan (scan) the image or document in the form of text on paper into a computer document or file komputer.Berdasarkan how to use them, in outline scannerterbagi of 2 (two) types, namely:

1. Hand-held scanners, which use hand scanners to scan objects and is widely used by the super market to the price of goods or scan barcodes.
2. Bed Plate Scanner, the scanner use by putting the objects to be scanned between the lens and cover. Types of scanners are widely in use in the office.

d) Joystick

Joystick is an additional input device used as an aid in the running program games. Joystick is like a stick that can be moved freely in all directions so that the game play.

e) Touch Screen